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All My Sports-SA is a South African business based in Cape Town.

Our free mobile App takes all the hassle out of entering sporting events, being a single portal facilitating relevant information, event entries, and membership renewals for you from you mobile phone. Our aim is to simplify all sport administration and communications for all sportspeople.
Clubs and organizations promote their activities and events via an administrative portal and you receive immediate notification once active on your mobile phone. Enter immediately with minimal hassle. No more filling in of long entry forms and indemnities. Your details are loaded onto your profile once when you register your app.
All sporting event entry payments are conducted from your mobile phone via a secure payment gateway powered by through card, EFT or at secondary providers like Shoprite, Usave etc. Notifications of upcoming events right to your device.
Entered events updated straight into your diary. Synchronise to your office calendar. Get warned if an event clashes with any diary events Clubs / Ngo’s can sign up to contribute events made available to all sports persons using our free mobile app. Get your members to download the free App and our Enterprise Solution will assist you with the administration of your events, members’ dues, collections and much more!




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